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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AppRadio Extensions Version 2.0 Beta Available [Jailbreak][Video]

For those of you using a jailbroken iPhone 4/4S this is great news. Controlling apps that aren't AppRadio compatible using the AppRadio's touch interface sounds like a remote possibility. But developer Mike DeCaro has done tremendous work in that regard with his jailbreak tweak, AppRadio Extensions. The tweak is getting upgraded to version 2.0 soon but a new teaser video and a beta download has been made available at Avic411. Here's the video and more details.

As mentioned on the Avic411 forum, this is a beta only and still has a few bugs. A final release may well be available in the coming few weeks. As you will see in the video below, Mike is using the NAVIGON app which isn't AppRadio compatible and controlling it from his AppRadio. The possibilities that this tweak opens up are endless. Ultimately if this all leads to us being able to control our iPhones fully from the AppRadio it would be great. But obviously this isn't going to be easy to program. Hence the work put in my Mike is absolutely commendable.

Read the full details about the tweak and how to install it on your jailbroken device at More information will be available when the final version is released.

From all of us AppRadio users, thanks for your time and efforts, Mike.


  1. WOW! Mike is the king! Fuck, money hungry motherfuckers!

    Mike is also doing this all for free, anyone who's been thinking to donate to should donate to Mike instead!!!!

  2. Will this work with the AVH-8400bh? It looks amazing! I got the iPhone screen to show up using an av out jailbreak hack but u had to use the iPhone to do anything. This is a million times better!!

    1. Yes it does work with avh-8400BH.
      At least 2.0 beta can, it's buggy still though.

      I donated $20. It's worth it

      I'm on iOS5.1.1.

  3. Agree with webdiddy...
    If you're going to spend some money, spend it by donating to Mike's paypal. He has done outstanding work from day 1 with AppEx.
    In addition, requires you to open up your headunit and install something?? No thank you.
    Keep up the great work, Mike.

  4. Thats true.
    Thanks mike

  5. Outstanding, Mike!!!
    Please,'open up your Paypal account to let us interested users donate for your work.

    1. you can donate at

  6. How do you install the appradio extencions 2 beta ???

  7. were do I download the extension????

  8. anyone know if the new version works with iphone 5 and x940bt?


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