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Sunday, May 6, 2012

HackRadio Teaser Video Posted Online [Jailbroken AppRadio Tweaks]

HackRadio teaser video has surfaced
About three months ago it was reported that a possible jailbroken AppRadio firmware was in the making. It was being called "AppRadio+" or "AppRadio More". The firmware was made in French and Russian versions at first. An English version was said to be in the making. Now there is a new buzz about "HackRadio". So what is it all about? Check out the video below.

The main aim of the jailbroken software was to get rid of the pop-up warnings while giving the ability to install custom apps on the AppRadio. Just a few days ago, a new YouTube video from 'HackRadioMe' has surfaced showcasing "HackRadio" which looks like a mirrored interface of the iPhone screen but with touch functionality. 

Currently, with a jailbroken iPhone you can use DisplayOut to mirror your phone's screen on the AppRadio but the touch interface doesn't work. This method may be good enough for displaying apps that are not yet AppRadio compatible on the in-dash receiver's bigger screen. I use it for the SiriusXM app, for example. Apart from using the bigger screen factor, DisplayOut is pretty useless. With HackRadio though, having the touch function to work with would be huge. 

The video shows how a mirrored interface with touch would look like. I must say, very nice. But there are no more details available at the moment. No timeline or software details are available either. You can follow the developers behind HackRadio on twitter @hackradiome. 


  1. Hack Radio has been released with a price tag of $125 OUCH! and hands free isn't supported!

  2. yes a android hackradio would be amazing

  3. 125 $ ??? What a ripoff. Donat half the amount to Mike DeCaro. He´s doing his Appradio Extensions all for free. Sure it is not as smooth as Hackradio yet but it sure will get there. FOR FREE !!!


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