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Monday, November 23, 2015

Automaker Hopping - Autonomous Car Expert Goes From Mercedes To Apple To VW

Car experts are the hottest commodity these days. We've heard multiple news stories about these experts being poached by companies in the recent past. Apple has been notorious for doing so to build-up its Project Titan team.

This time, Apple has lost a piece of its puzzle. After working for the Cupertino company for a year, autonomous car expert Johann Jungwirth, has been snatched up by troubled automaker Volkswagen.

Jungwirth held the title of "Mac Systems Engineer" at Apple even though he had previously worked for Mercedes Benz.

Volkswagen will employ Jungwirth to work on driving digital transformation of its brands. He will be the "head of digital transformation." His LinkedIn profile says he's now working on Tesla-style over-the-air upgradeability, along with creating, "the best and most natural and intuitive user experience to keep a competitive advantage" for Volkswagen.

Apple's poaching moves recently instigated Elon Musk to suggest only the engineers that aren't good enough for Tesla end up with Apple. He later on rephrased his statements to dilute the matter. We will wait and see if Apple looks to fill up Jungwirth's post with another scalp.

Source: The Verge
Image source: CNN

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