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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Google Self-Driving Car Gets Pulled Over By Cop, Check Out What Happens Next...

Driverless cars will be upon us before we know it.

Companies like Google have been putting their autonomous car to the test on public roads for quite few months now. If you drive around Mountain View, Calif., don't be surprised to see one of these funny looking vehicles crawling around the neighborhoods.

But 'crawling' became a problem for one of the vehicles recently when it got pulled over by a cop for driving too slow. When the cop showed up at the driver-side window, there was no driver to ticket. So what happened?

Google's car wasn't speeding. It was going 24 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. As a result there was a long line of vehicles it was holding up behind it.

A cop from the Mountain View Police Department pulled over the vehicle and soon realized it was a Google autonomous car. So when he showed up at the driver-side there was no driver. Which meant there was no one to ticket.

According to a blog post on the Mountain View Police Blog, the car had a passenger in it. The cop asked the passenger how the car was choosing speed along certain roadways. He informed the passenger about impeding traffic and how that can be dangerous.

No ticket was issued.

Apparently, the Google car did not violate any laws by going 24 in a 35. In fact, Google is only allowed to test its vehicles on streets with speed limits under 35. The street where the car was pulled over, El Camino Real, is rated at 35 mph.

Google vehicles are programed to go 25 mph at all times. The company meets regularly with the Police Department to ensure safety at all times.

On their Google Self-Driving Car Project page, the company says it has never been ticketed so far. After driving a total of 1.2 million miles, that is a terrific track record.

Source: Mountain View Police Department
Image source: Zandr Milewski via Facebook

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