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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Here's Another Reason Why Google Maps Wins Over Apple Maps [Opinion]

I could probably name tens of reasons why you should be using Google Maps over Apple Maps for your navigational needs. That list of reasons sometimes shrinks when Apple adds new features to its Maps app. But they are always catching up to Google Maps in my opinion.

And just recently, Google added another killer feature to Maps which distanced itself further from Apple Maps. The new feature is offline navigation.

Google Maps now allows users to download an area of the map for offline use. The feature became available on Android about a couple of weeks ago. The feature is coming to iOS soon.

You can download maps for entire cities, counties or even countries simply by searching for them. An "Offline Areas" section is also available to access your saved maps.

With offline maps you can use turn-by-turn navigation, search points of interest, and even find interesting information about nearby locations. Another useful feature is maps switching to offline mode automatically when your data connection drops out. This means you can continue receiving directions even in the boondocks!

The offline maps feature will be especially great when traveling internationally. It automatically becomes a free alternative to roaming data charges while on the go.

You obviously won't be able to get traffic information when in offline mode. So bear that in mind. Head over to Google Maps on your Android device and give offline maps a try.

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