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Thursday, November 5, 2015

YouTube Comes To CarPlay Via VOX Music Player [Screenshots]

For those of you who've wondered whether YouTube would ever be available in CarPlay, here is the answer... Yes, YouTube has finally arrived in CarPlay, but not in the way you are probably thinking.

VOX Music Player became one of the latest third-party apps to add CarPlay support few days back. And the latest update to the app, version 1.1.1, has added YouTube as a content source. Read along for more details and screenshots...

VOX Music Player (version 1.1.1) - App Store description

We proudly present YouTube source to make your library even more flexible.Within this update: 
- YouTube support added!From now you can search for YouTube content via search panel and play it directly or add it to your collections. 
- New shimmering-indicator on Source name while updating streaming content. 
- UI polish and UX improvements. 
- Minor bugs fixed.
Link to download: VOX Music Player from the App Store

What the description doesn't clarify is that YouTube content is available only as an audio source. No, you still won't be able to play YouTube videos in CarPlay. Sorry!

But the addition of YouTube as a source is great nonetheless, in my opinion. This is how to get YouTube content into CarPlay via VOX...

Playing YouTube content in CarPlay via VOX Music Player

- You can't access YouTube directly or do a search from CarPlay. To play YouTube content you first need to add the content you want to your library on your iPhone.

- To add content, open the VOX app on your iPhone and tap on the search bar. From there, select the YouTube tab and search for the content you're looking for.

- When the search results show up, swiping to the left on the desired result brings up a 'More' option. Tap that and add the item to your library.

- Now when you launch VOX in CarPlay, you can head over to the library section and find all your YouTube content there.

Currently, this is the only way to access YouTube content in CarPlay, let alone VOX. Maybe VOX will add a YouTube tab to its CarPlay interface at some point and allow performing a Siri search at the least. That would be awesome, but is just wishful thinking at this point.

Here is the CarPlay Now Playing screen of YouTube content in VOX...

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