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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scrolling Issue In Stezza Needs To Get Fixed In Next Update

Stezza is possibly the most beautiful app for playing the stored music in your iPhone. It is also AppRadio Mode compatible. With the exception of one issue that I have been experiencing for a while now, the app is very good. But there may be a fix coming soon with new improvements to the app too.

The issue I have is scrolling down a playlist in AppRadio Mode which doesn't seem to work. To scroll you either press the up and down arrows which only show up on certain lists, or swipe to scroll. Swiping doesn't work and I'm often stuck having to play the first song on a playlist or trying to find the song I want to play in the song list or by artist.

Scrolling works in the song, artist, or album lists. It even works in certain playlists but not always.

New Stezza Update: Recently Stezza developer informed us that he is working on a major update to the app. Version 2.0 will have new themes, a new album explorer view, and will also try and fix the screen resizing issue which has been reduced to a flicker since iOS 7. Also, support for iOS 5 will be dropped with Stezza 2.0.

I have mentioned fixing the scrolling issue and a few other suggestions to help improve the app. There is no date for when the update will be available. So stay tuned for that.

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