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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are Siri Button Remotes For Your Car Becoming A Trend?

The warnings are everywhere - keep those hands off your cellphone while driving. Law enforcement is cracking down on violators of the cellphone law to keep our roads safe.

One of the safer ways to interact with your smartphone while driving is by using voice commands, which leads to technology like Apple's Siri Eyes Free being integrated by car manufacturers in their vehicles. But if your car doesn't come equipped with a dedicated button to activate Siri, you have options.

What seems like a trend these days is Siri Remotes which either strap on to the steering wheel or hook on to the visor. Here is a list of remotes that may work for you.

1. Mobile Home:

Made by Beanco Technology, this device hooks on to the car's visor. It has only one button on it and all it does is activate Siri when pressed. There are no volume control or track change buttons. The device has to be paired with your iPhone which has been paired with your car's Bluetooth system.

Mobile Home is priced at $79. A link to purchase is below.

2. GoRemote:

Cellphone accessory-maker Satechi, has taken to Kickstarter to help fund this product. The GoRemote is a waterproof (yes, waterproof), Bluetooth remote for your iOS device which can be worn on your wrist, your bicycle's handlebar, or your car's steering wheel.

The project hasn't been funded yet (Kickstarter campaign ends on June 6, 2014 with a goal of $50,000). The GoRemote has a Home button which activates Siri along with volume control, play/pause and forward/back buttons. Which means the volume buttons can also be used to click a picture on your iPhone. Power and Pair buttons are also present on the side.

There are a few accessories you can also pledge for like a wristband and a car/bike mount. With the car mount, you can strap the device onto your car's steering wheel just like a watch would go around your wrist.

The minimum pledge you need to make to receive the device is $35 (Early Bird Special). To get the car/bike mount included you will need to cough up $45. Head over to Kickstarter and pledge away!

3. BluClik:

The iSimple BluClik is similar to the GoRemote in that it straps on to your car's steering wheel via a velcro band and has a similar button selection. There's a voice button in the center with volume controls and tracking buttons. There's also an On-Off switch on the back.

This rounded remote connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can be used to activate voice control on most platforms (Siri, Google Voice, or Samsung S-Voice). Included with the remote is a dash mount too which is a disk-like accessory which can be attached to your dashboard and holds the remote in place using magnets.

BluClik retails for $49.95. To purchase, visit iSimple's website or your local car audio dealer.

Top image source: Audi RS6 580PS Siri dashboard mockup

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