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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Is What Speedometer By Sygic Looks Like On An AppRadio 3 [Image]

We wrote a short review yesterday about the new app Speedometer by Sygic. You should check out the app if you haven't already. The app is a simple-looking speedometer with a few additional features that aren't robust yet due to limited crowd-sourced data available.

Speedometer isn't AppRadio compatible but I think it should be. If it does add AppRadio Mode compatibility though, this is what it might look like on an AppRadio 3...

Now tell me you don't want a minimalistic speedometer that looks like that! Read our review by visiting this link. Speedometer is free to download for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Note: Image is simulated.


  1. Hah, you love to forget that not everyone is an iPhone user.

    1. Speedometer has the same interface on Android. It would look the same.


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