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Monday, November 4, 2013

Power Of Magnets - The Wallee M iPhone Car Mount Review: Part 1 [Pictures]

Smartphone car mounts have become a very important component of the driving experience. Having a good car mount takes away the risk of handling your phone while driving. And there is nothing like having your phone mounted in a way that is easily visible while driving without distraction.

I currently go back and forth between a couple of mounts in my car (a custom-made mount and the Kenu Airframe). I have now found a third option which is very practical and probably the easiest to use.

While my custom-made made requires me to slide the phone in and the Airframe is a vent mount, my third option is a suction mount for the windshield or dashboard and uses magnets to hold the phone in place.

The Wallee M iPhone Car Mount is a high quality mount that works like a charm. In this first part review there are unboxing pictures along with a general description of the mount. The second part (coming soon) will show the mount in action in my car. Thanks to the folks over at Studio Proper (the Australian makers of this product) for sending out one of these mounts for review.

Note: This mount requires a Wallee M Case for your iPhone. Cases are available only for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S. This review is of the mount only.

Description: The Wallee M iPhone Car Mount is a beautifully crafted suction mount for the windshield or dashboard. It is made of durable, anodized Aluminum and works with Wallee M cases.

The M stands for Magnets. The mount uses powerful neodymium magnets which attach to the Wallee M case. The magnets eliminate the need of cradles or arms to hold the phone in place. The magnets are shaped like an X-shaped cross and the indented design on the case provides a secure attachment. The phone doesn't wobble around when mounted.

Case: The Wallee M Case is available for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C and is priced at $28.45. 5C cases come in different colors to match or mix-and-match with your phone.

Packaging: The mount comes packaged is a brown box with printed pictures of the mount on the outside. The back of the box has a full description of the mount along with contact information of Studio Proper.

Design: The absence of cradles or arms to hold the phone in place makes this mount super-compact and portable. It is one of the smallest suction mounts I have seen so far.

Build Quality: The Wallee M iPhone Car Mount is built really well. On first glance you will notice the high-quality design and how carefully and tastefully it's been designed. The anodized aluminum gives it a shiny finish. The suction cup feels sturdy when mounted. The magnets attach perfectly to the Wallee M case. The hinge is held together by hex screws.

Mounting: You can either mount this on the dashboard using a mounting disk (not included) or attach it to the windshield. Note that in some states like California, you can only use windshield mounts in certain areas of the windshield. Find out about which sections are permissible before mounting.

Because of the way the Wallee M mount is designed, it works best when mounted on the windshield. The angle on the mount makes it perfect to view from the windshield. Once mounted the suction cup holds firm.

Attaching the phone to the mount is simple. Have the phone in the case and bring it close to the mount to watch the powerful magnets go into action. The phone may have to be aligned properly for a snug attachment. The cross-shaped design of the magnets mean you can attach your phone either in landscape or portrait orientation.

Watch this installation video...

Cons: Although the mount can be attached to the dashboard, the backwards angled design makes it difficult to view the phone when mounted. Unless you have the mount attached to an angled part of your dashboard for the best viewing angle. Also, the need to purchase a special case for your iPhone makes this setup a little pricey. You can't use the mount without the case. No options for other smartphones.

Price: The Wallee M iPhone Car Mount is priced at $33.20 in the US. Pricing for other countries is available too. The Wallee M case is priced at $28.45, putting the price of the total setup to over $60.

Prices are in US Dollars as per today's currency exchange rate. Original prices are mentioned in Australian Dollars on the manufacturer's website. Other currency prices are for reference only.

Most items ship free within the US. Expedited shipping options are available. Shipping for other countries is not free.

Where to buy: The Wallee M iPhone Car Mount and Wallee M Case can be purchased directly from Studio Proper.

Final Verdict: If you don't mind using a case with your iPhone, this may be a great option for you. The car mount works perfectly and is very easy to use. The secure attachment ensures your phone will stay in place even on the bumpiest roads. Although many may find the price tag a little high, I think this may be the last car mount you will ever buy.

The Wallee M design also includes mount disks to use in the house or in your office. These wall mounts are very convenient. This makes the Wallee M case mountable in most places. More details about Wallee M mounting disks can be found on the manufacturer's website. Here's a short Wallee M video...

Part 2 of this review is coming soon with in-car pictures of the mount. Stay tuned. ARWReview


  1. I have this mount and love it. My wife was in a head on accident that broke both her legs, but this thing still was stuck to the windshield after the accident... For my everyday vehicle I use a mount that I slide in my phone with the wallee case and it connects to the cord, but I use the suction cup mount when traveling and renting cars.. Its a really nice solution.

  2. I use the Tactrix x-way, it's a similar idea but less expensive and much smaller. I prefer the vent clip/magnet over winshield mounting (less wires dangling that way).


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