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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AppRadio Mode Works A Lot Better With Android Compared To iOS [Video]

I stumbled across this YouTube video earlier today which shows what the Android experience with an AppRadio 3 is like. From the video you can tell how snappy AppRadio Mode is. With iOS the AppRadio Mode interface takes much longer to launch on pressing the home button.

In the video from "cartoyzks", which is actually a very good feature review of the AppRadio 3, a Samsung Galaxy S4 is used to connect to the AppRadio 3 using the Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle which provides a wireless connection. I must say, the video makes me wish I had an Samsung Galaxy phone to use with my AppRadio 3.

Watch the video below the break and see for yourselves. This is sure to make all you iOS users with AppRadios jealous.

The video also showcases a few AppRadio compatible apps like CarMediaPlayer and Navfree GPS as well as showing how Netflix (or any other non-compatible app) can be mirrored wirelessly using the AllShare Cast dongle.

Here's the video...

Source: YouTube Channel "cartoyzks"


  1. no wifi needed? how does it pick up the connection between s4 and dongle? if bluetooth is being used for appradio?

    1. The first time you do it you have to turn Bluetooth off so you can connect the Android phone. Once you can switch it over, Re enable Bluetooth

    2. There seems to be a "wifi direct" connection created as the screen mirroring app on my S4 occasionally restarts after telling me nearby wifi signals might cause interference...I'm also getting a notification hint to disable wifi direct when I no longer need it to save battery. All in all it's not too bad, considering there are no ugly wires protruding from the dash and I can now plug in a car charger. AllShare also taxes the phone a little, causing occasional stuttering in the music player. My dongle is getting power from the AppRadio's USB port.

  2. Thanks for the post (and keeping it posted) , helps out. Just got a Samsung Galaxy S5, and compatibility issues with wires thought would be and issue. Looking to get the Allshare Allcast, to make it work wirelessly. To my understanding, the phone is not rooted, correct?

  3. This seems like a good way to go if you don't care about charging your phone while having it connected. Now if only I could figure out if this will work with an x3600bhs before spending the 100 bucks on it.

  4. Try a netgear ptv 3000 50 bucks cheaper and does the same thing.


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