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Thursday, November 7, 2013

EC Touch Won't Play Your DRM Protected iTunes Videos

EC Touch is a one-stop app for all your entertainment needs and is AppRadio compatible. There are plenty of features that make the app quite awesome. You can stream music from Spotify, SoundCloud or the music stored in your iPhone, play YouTube videos, use apps like INRIX Traffic, Waze etc or even play videos stored in your iPhone.

There's one issue with playing videos downloaded from iTunes though. If the videos are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected (most of them are), you won't be able to play them through EC Touch.

DRM protected videos have a DRM padlock icon next to them (see image above). When trying to launch one of these videos, the following pop-up message appears...

The app warns you that trying to play such a video will require you to handle your phone, something you can't do while driving due to road safety concerns. If you click YES on the pop-up, the 'Videos' app launches but the video doesn't start playing. You have to play it yourself by clicking through your video list.

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