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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

AppRadio Screen Resizing Issue Continues, No Fix In Sight

AppRadio users who use an iPhone 5 or later to connect to their head units have been experiencing a screen resizing issue when using AppRadio Mode for quite a while now. The screen resizes to a lower resolution when connected using an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

There's no specific trigger which causes this to happen, it happens at random. And once resized to a smaller resolution, the screen doesn't go back to fullscreen.

We had recently mentioned a temporary fix for this where you could press the home button on the AppRadio and relaunch the app you were using but this fix is actually 'temporary'. The screen still resizes to a smaller size after a while.

The AppRadio Mode menu works fine and fills up the screen (UPDATE: AppRadio Mode Menu resizes too). The switch to a smaller resolution happens only when using third-party apps. Recently, one of our readers (Thanks, Joao!) sent us the pictures in this post to point out this problem. Here's what Waze looks like when in fullscreen mode...

This could be an issue with the iPhone and the AV adapter. Even when not in AppRadio Mode but just mirroring your iPhone's screen onto the AppRadio, the screen doesn't fill up. There's always a slight gap all around. Or it could be an AppRadio issue itself.

Using a digital AV adapter to connect your iPhone hasn't been the best way even from the very beginning. After all, the 'iPod' button is greyed out on the AppRadio and the only way to have music controls is by using third-party apps like CarMediaPlayer or Stezza. But as of now, it's the only way to achieve connectivity with lightning devices.

The screen resizing issue doesn't affect users using an iPhone 4/4S with the 30-pin cable. It doesn't affect Android users either.

Maybe if a lot of users report this as being a problem, Pioneer will take note. There's no sign of any fix coming anytime soon. Although at first it seemed like something that could be ignored, it really gets annoying after a while. It's nice when apps fill up the whole screen of the AppRadio.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below. Posting a message on Pioneer's Facebook page might help get their attention.


  1. It happens when you get a new text, or email, I tested it, every time I send my iPhone a new text or some kind of notification, the screen shrinks.

  2. It happens to me too on my AppRadio 1 and iPhone 4S, so it is not an isolated issue for iPhone5. It didn't happen to me before the last firmware update.

    There are other strange behaving issues after the last update, when exiting an app (pressing the home button) it looks like it is restarting because the Hello... screen comes up before showing the AppRadio mode menu screen.

  3. It happens without receiving any text or emails so I don't think that is the only problem.

  4. Thanks for creating a public blog post about this. It needs to be fixed. I hope they can even identify the problem. I wonder if iOS 7.0.4 fixed anything? (could be an apple glitch out of their hands too)

  5. I just installed the AppRadio 3 last week and was very disappointed at this problem. The small screen looks cluttered and cheap. stopping and restarting the app fixes it for a little while but it always goes back to the small screen.

  6. Turning off widescreen on my iPod touch cured the shrinking to quarter size for me. Do it before launching the app or the Speedo does not work. Hope this helps users of a basic setup ( iPod and appradio 2 )


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