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Thursday, November 7, 2013

All New 2014 Pioneer DVD Receivers Will Allow Pandora Station Creation

Yesterday's press release from Pioneer announcing their new devices for 2014, had one bit of information regarding Pandora that's quite interesting. All new 2014 Pioneer DVD receivers will allow users to quickly create new Pandora stations while connected to an iPhone or compatible Android smartphone. This is something you can't do with current receivers.

An excerpt from the press release is below.

Currently, if you want to add a new station to Pandora you have to do so on your smartphone. Station creation can't be done from the receiver. There is also additional information in yesterday's press release which suggests that you'll be able to stream Pandora from your new receiver wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Here's the excerpt...

Models that are equipped with Bluetooth enabled wireless control and display of Pandora internet radio content, no longer require a physical cable connection with a smartphone device. Users can simply touch the "plus" icon on the receiver and the unit will display a pop-up menu to create a station dynamically using the artist name or track information.

This is quite a big improvement for Pandora users like myself. Current receiver models will not have this feature. Maybe a software update will allow this functionality in the future but that cannot be confirmed.

Pioneer's 2014 lineup of DVD receivers will be priced between $300 to $500 and will be available for purchase in the next few days/weeks.

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