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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Wallee M iPhone Car Mount Mounted In The Car: Review Part 2 [Pictures]

As promised in part 1 of our Wallee M iPhone Car Mount review, here are some pictures of how the mount looks in action. The suction cup gives you the option of mounting it either on your dashboard or the windshield of your car. There are a few notes I would like to add to the review though.

Read the rest of our review and view the additional pictures below.

Note: The mounting disk I've used when mounting on the dashboard was the one I got with my Garmin GPS (which I haven't used for a while now).

The one issue I found when mounting this is that the mount doesn't swivel, it can only be tilted in one dimension for the best viewing angle. Hence, when mounting on the windshield (check if you can legally put windshield mounts in your car; varies by State), you can't get it in a position where it's directly facing the driver. You have to have it facing directly forward or deal with the angle at which the phone gets mounted.

It's better to mount this on the dashboard because at least you can have it facing the driver.

However, once mounted it is very easy to use and works well. The phone (I used my old iPhone 4 for demo purposes) snaps in place most of the times. Sometimes you have to move it around a little till it snaps into the grooves of the magnetic mount. I drove around over bumps in the road but it didn't dislodge the phone. The magnets are indeed strong!

This completes our two-part review of the Wallee M iPhone Car Mount. The rest of the pictures are below.

You can purchase this mount (you will also need a Wallee M case for your iPhone) by visiting Studio Proper's website. ARWReview


  1. It's too bad you have to use a special case. I thought it just worked with the raw iPhone or worked even if you had a Battery case etc. I only use my iPhone without a case, or my uNu Power DX External Protective 2300mAh Battery Case

  2. I'm a fan of ProClip, looks like they have a magnetic solution as well.

  3. Amazing! Why do people bitch that iPhone is too small? Like really? If anyone can answer, I would like to know why people want a big phone? Bigger screen size? Is it too small for people to see? thanks~ Danielle


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