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Friday, November 22, 2013

Pandora Still Wins Over Other Music Streaming Services On AppRadio [Poll Results]

We recently ran a poll here at AppRadioWorld asking which music streaming you most commonly use with your AppRadio. The results aren't very surprising. Even though iTunes Radio has gained popularity since its release, it still hasn't done enough to challenge our poll winner.

Check out the complete results below.

Pandora Internet Radio continues to be the most commonly used service. Whether it's with an AppRadio or not. In our poll where we received 65 votes, Pandora was by far the winner with more than two-thirds of the votes polled.

The other choices in the poll were Spotify (18%), iTunes Radio (17%), Rdio (3%) and all other services (26%). Pandora got 36% of the votes.

Spotify is compatible with AppRadio through the app EC Touch. Rdio dropped AppRadio compatibility a few months ago whereas iTunes Radio doesn't have an independent AppRadio Mode. interface. Pandora offers a standalone interface on the AppRadio and most other car receivers these days.

The next poll will be up in the left sidebar shortly. Thanks for voting.


  1. I used to be apple, but now I'm android. But I'd use pandora either way. And I have access to stuff like torch music that I wouldn't with apple. I'm glad that pandora is beating out itunes radio, hopefully that will continue!!

    1. I am Me, not an apple or android, I pump blood with a heart.


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