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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Don't Forget To Update Your Pioneer Head Unit Bluetooth Software [How-To]

Updating the firmware for Pioneer NEX and AppRadio 4 head units is a two-part process this time. Last week Pioneer released firmware updates for these devices via their website and in the instructions it is clearly mentioned that along with updating the firmware on your device, the Bluetooth software also needs to be updated.

So how do you correctly go about updating the Bluetooth software on your head unit? Read along for more details.

How to correctly update the Bluetooth software on your Pioneer Head Unit

1. Complete the firmware update process following the instructions in the 'Update Instructions' PDF found on the 'Software & Firmware' page of your respective head unit.

2. The second part of the instructions is updating the Bluetooth software. There are a couple of things you need to do to start this process:
A. Turn the source 'OFF' on your head unit and make sure the Bluetooth connection is disconnected.
B. Make sure your car is stopped and the emergency brake is engaged before you begin. Changing some settings require this.
3. Go to Settings --> Bluetooth, and find 'BT Software Update'. This tab is not greyed out if you have successfully updated the firmware on your head unit and checked to make sure the latest firmware is installed. You will need to leave the USB flash drive or SD card connected during the entire process.

4. Before tapping the 'Start' button, remember that all your paired devices will be cleared after the update is complete. You will need to pair your smartphones all over again after the update is done.

5. After tapping 'Start', wait for the process to complete. A data transfer screen will be displayed.

6. Once the update is done, press the Home button and remove the flash drive or SD card from the head unit.

7. Verify that the latest Bluetooth software version has been installed by tapping on 'Bluetooth Version Information' in Bluetooth Settings.

8. For most head units, the following screen will be displayed in 'Bluetooth Version Information'...

Instructions for the AVH-4100NEX are here.


  1. the last BT version is HW01-SW03.21.30
    which is the version of that image ?


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