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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pioneer Electronics Showcases AppRadio And AppRadio 2 In New Video


Pioneer Electronics has just uploaded the above video showcasing AppRadio and AppRadio 2. From the video it is clear that the second generation installment of the device has improved performance and graphics. Not just the larger 7-inch screen.

After listing the Android Connection Kit on its website a few days ago this is just another thing that suggests to me that AppRadio 2 may be days away from release and availability.

There are also videos demonstrating their 2012 CD, DVD Receiver and Navigation lines of car stereos. Check those out on YouTube.

Video Source: Pioneer Electronics through YouTube.


  1. Meh. Look sjust as kludgy as the original. Where is the video nag screen that keeps popping up?? Where is the commentary on the atrociously bad bluetooth implementation? Why do I have to let Pioneer know that I want Sticher, Slacker Radio, iHeart Radio, better iPod Controls, more intuitive usage?? Seriously, just do a top 5 in the Apple Store and sstart with those apps! And the Livio app sucks...

    1. I agree. Let's hope whenever the SDK becomes available more apps will be compatible. The Bluetooth implementation certainly isn't the best, I wish the new one would have Bluetooth 4.0.
      Pioneer did say at CES that AppRadio 2 would ship with new software which will be available for the original AppRadio. So hopefully some of those issues will be addressed.
      It's frustrating that all this is taking so long, no doubt. Almost a year into it and not much has been fixed, just a few new apps.
      Honestly for me, Apple couldn't get involved in the car entertainment market sooner.

  2. Agree, the video nag screen is constant and pops up randomly without cause. Disappointed.

  3. I’ve been reading a lot of negative feedback about this app. The producers of this app should resolve this right away, to cater the needs of their customers, this is a good project so they must develop it and give updates.

  4. Yes, I do agree with what Morgan said, they should keep on updating this app because obviously the equipment has the capacity to attract consumers. This time of gadget is very convenient for car accessories.


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