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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AppRadio App Getting An Overhaul Soon

AppRadio App getting revamped
Pioneer Electronics still hasn't officially announced a release date for their second generation installment, AppRadio 2. However, over the last few days, the company's YouTube account has seen quite a few videos uploaded which showcase AppRadio, AppRadio 2 and their other lines of car stereos for this year. Yesterday, they uploaded another video demonstrating how to connect your iPhone to AppRadio 2. All these signs suggest an impending release date for the device.

The video gives a glimpse of a revamped AppRadio App. The app icon has been changed along with added functionality, precisely, recommending compatible apps on the iPhone itself. The current AppRadio app isn't very in-depth on the iPhone. It only allows you to toggle a few settings including background and the app layout displayed on the AppRadio. But once connected to the AppRadio it gives access to a lot more stuff including launching other apps and viewing recommended apps on the stereo.

The overhauled app is not available in the App Store yet, even though it is mentioned in the demo video. It's safe to guess the update will be available closer or even on the day AppRadio 2 becomes available for purchase. The demo video from Pioneer's YouTube channel is below. Stay tuned for more.

Photo & Video courtesy Pioneer Electronics


  1. Replies
    1. No its not, where did you see it for sale?

    2. you have to special order it through an authorized retailer. so any boutique shop should do it. now like bestbuy or walmat wont help cause they are so tied by corporate politics.

  2. BS-----I spoke to Pioneer and they said that BestBuy will get the first shipments. I spoke with them about 2 weeks ago and the lady I spoke with said it should be released on the 9th. She made it very clear that Bestbuy would be the first to get the shipments.....they are one of their biggest retailers.


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