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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To Connect Your Android Phone To AppRadio 2

Pioneer Electronics continues to upload videos demonstrating AppRadio 2 on its YouTube channel. The latest being 'How to connect an Android' to AppRadio 2. The video also reconfirms that the Android Connection Kit CD-AH200C will be sold separately.

The video informs that only phones with an HDMI or MHL port will be compatible with AppRadio 2. If your phone only has a micro HDMI port you will need to connect a micro HDMI cable as well as a micro USB cable (included in the Android Connection Kit). The micro HDMI cable sends audio and video data to the AppRadio 2 while the micro USB cable charges the phone. In case of phones with MHL ports only one MHL cable is required (also included with the Android Connection Kit). This cable sends audio and video data to the AppRadio 2 while charging the phone simultaneously.

The iPhone connection cable will be included with the AppRadio 2 which means you can connect an iPhone to the device too. But you can only connect one device at a time (either an iPhone or an Android phone). I would prefer being able to switch between the two devices by clicking a toggle button on the AppRadio but alas. You'll have to do it manually (that is if you have an iPhone and an Android phone).

Another bit of information available from the video is that the new AppRadio app will be available in the Android Market shortly too. Nevertheless, I think Pioneer needs to announce the release date for AppRadio 2 soon. There are quite a few people awaiting the arrival of the device.

Video courtesy Pioneer Electronics.


  1. I keep my ipod hooked up all the time. Are you saying my ipod and phone can't be hooked up at the same time?

    1. From the video it is clear that you won't be able to connect two devices at the same time.

  2. If you watch that video on connection of android your going to get very excited. All the problems that iphone users had with not being able to go between apps etc. Should be much easier with The screen you see on the phone is the screen you see on the radio. This means the radio has to have a way to switch on its own. I just got really excited. I work at a stereo shop so should be able to order a few days before release ill keep you informed.

    1. Im going to the official pioneer presentation in Belgium tomorrow.
      They promised us a hands on, so i'm bringing my galaxy nexus :-)
      I will post every info I'll get here...
      Strange thing is I haven't been able to find appradio app for android so far...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ok, just got back from the presentation. The connectionkit for android wasn't available yet, but is how the video describes. There will be 2 versions tho: one with and one without the box. Without the box (wich provides power) is for android connection only. With the box if you want android + ipod/iphone connection. This WILL NOT WORK SIMULTANIOUS. The kit provides the opportunity to connect either one. There is no info yet on wich android phones will be compatible (testing for Europe starts in a few days). We can expect the device begin april 2012. The touchscreen is good, but not exceptional (had to repeat some actions more then once before it reacted). Overall it seems like a nice device with great design and beautiful finish.

    4. Thanks for sharing this information.


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