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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Extra Mile Update Fixes GoTo View For AppRadio

Extra Mile version 4.5.1 now available
If you've been using Extra Mile with AppRadio you may have noticed an UI display issue with one of the navigation functions. Clicking the 'Navigation' tab in the app brings up the map with a few icons at the bottom. One of those is 'GoTo' which can be used to input the starting and destination points in your trip. The input page interface was stretched out and looked ugly. No such issues were seen on the iPhone though. This was clearly an AppRadio UI issue.

Well, today's update has fixed this bug and has other improvements. Here's is the list from the app's description:

  • Adjustable thresholds for alerts in settings
  • Report defect with extraneous characters in addresses
  • Trip saving problems, fixed
  • Fixed GoTo view for AppRadio
You can get the latest update version 4.5.1 from the App Store. Happy updating!

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