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Friday, March 16, 2012

AppRadio App Gets Updated In Anticipation Of New Hardware

The revamped AppRadio app is here
As expected and reported earlier, Pioneer has updated its AppRadio app for the iPhone/iPod. The new app, version 1.5, has a completely overhauled icon and interface. Screenshots are below.

Everyone's been waiting for AppRadio 2 for a while now and even though the new app is available there still isn't any sign of the new hardware. The new app description includes the following:

- Now compatible with additional Pioneer multimedia receivers
- New app icon and user interface
- Minor bug fixes 

New AppRadio app icon
AppRadio compatible apps can now be discovered from the app itself. The Navfree GPS Live apps now show up in the list of recommended apps. This app is available in various versions depending on the geographic region. A couple of colorful new backgrounds have been added apart from the light and dark ones available before. I haven't tested out the app with the AppRadio to see if anything has changed on the stereo's interface yet. I'll report on it soon.

You can download the latest version of the app from the App Store today.

Additional Screenshots:
The "Connect to AppRadio" screen

Additional wallpapers have been added
Recommended apps


  1. lost hifi streams shortcut...
    got back navfree....crazy !!!!

    1. Try disabling location services and enabling again. Worked for me.

  2. ok, i'll try and give feedback

  3. It works, enabling location services gave me back streams hifi shortcut, and extra mile too !!!
    don't know "why", but that works and that's great !!!!!!!

    thanks "anonymous"

  4. Question ... if you have an appradio (I want to get the appradio 2), can you listen to a streaming radio station and then go to navigation without the station shutting off ??? ... just wondering ... Iphone4

  5. As i remember ,in that config:
    navfree gps and streaming radio yes ( but i'm not sur if it was with ipod....and maybe i'm wrong )
    give me just time to confirm in this week, i'll tell you.

  6. but in appradio facebook page it is said that navgate don't work when radio is "on"....i mean there is no navigation voice....

    i don't know if can help you but that was reported in french appradio facebook page

  7. I don't think you can listen to the radio when in app mode. So I'm guessing none of the apps can be used while listening to the radio.

  8. Mine stop playing movies on the actual unit it plays the audio but no movie all that shows up on the screen is the name of what's playing or if it's netflix

    1. Same for me, Have you discovered the problem?

    2. Videos work fine for me.


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