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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How To: Play Videos On AppRadio [Video]

Playing videos on AppRadio from your iPhone/iPod Touch
For those of you who don't know how to get your videos to show up on the AppRadio screen here is a little how-to video. Many of you have written asking how to get this thing working. It is really quite simple as you will see from the video below.

When you start playing a video on your iPhone/iPod Touch (be it on YouTube, Videos app, iPod Music Video, Safari, Netflix or any other app that supports TV out to an external display), you will notice that the audio comes through but no video is displayed. As seen in the video above, just click on the 'Apps' icon on AppRadio's home screen with the iPhone connected, and click 'OK' on the warning screen. The video should now appear on the AppRadio. The iPhone will display the 'TV Connected - This video is playing on the TV' screen.

An important note is that the parking break has to be engaged and the car has to be stationary. Viewing any kind of video on the front console while driving is prohibited and illegal.

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  1. This works fine for viewing Netflix, but I still get noting but audio when I try to watch TV using my SlingBox App.

    1. The SlingBox app, just like the Vulkano Player app, doesn't support TV out through the data cable. That's why the video won't come through. Most of the TV apps don't support TV out because these apps are meant to be strictly for mobile use.

      A work around for this is if you have a jailbroken iPhone. In such a case you can use DisplayOut.

  2. what if i have a droid razr maxx and use Vulkano. Is there a work around?

  3. video through usb flash drive? possible?! come on epic firmware update!!

  4. Mine does all of what is said above but when I click on the apps icon the movie does not show up on my app radio. I don't know what to do I have been watching this video over and over thinking what I could be doing wrong and its not picking up my video as easy as it is shown above, could you please give me more info? Maybe I don't have the right app to be watching the movie.

  5. Does anyone know if my Nokia lumia 900 will work with my pioneer appradio?

  6. Any idea on how this would go for the App Radio4?

  7. Can't make this work on AppRadio 4. Any ideas?


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