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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Still Love MIXTRAX But...

Pioneer's MIXTRAX is a pretty good virtual DJ
I have written about how awesome Pioneer's MIXTRAX app for the iPhone is. It is a virtual DJ that does a fine job with the music in your 'Music' app. Everything is done on the fly, there are great transitions between songs and the genius-like mixes are quite spot on. But I have one major gripe with it.

If you use Apple's iTunes Match feature and want to use MIXTRAX, you're out of luck. MIXTRAX doesn't work with songs in the cloud or, in other words, iTunes Match. The songs have to be actually present on the iDevice. I like iTunes Match because I have a 16GB iPhone 4S and have most of my songs in the cloud. For a while I had iTunes Match turned off because I loved using MIXTRAX a lot. However, I like having access to all my songs (close to 10,000) on the go. So I haven't been listening to my virtual DJ for a while now.

The app hasn't been updated for quite sometime either. I think the last update was back in January of this year. Hopefully the next major update will somehow allow you to mix songs from iTunes Match. There you go Pioneer, another thing to add to your To-do list.

If you can overlook this shortcoming you should download MIXTRAX from the App Store for $1.99, today. A free version is also available but doesn't have all the mixes.

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