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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here's The BestParking AppRadio Interface (Screenshots)

The BestParking AppRadio Interface
For those of you who have written in to ask what the UI for the latest AppRadio compatible app, BestParking, looks like, here are some screenshots as promised (after the page break).

The interface is really simple and very responsive. The only gripe I have is after you find a suitable parking garage there is no way to navigate to it. Obviously because it isn't a navigation app. I guess the idea is to do your research before you start driving or while you're stopped, find the suitable parking for your needs and switch over to a navigation app to get you there without monkeying around time.

BestParking could help us all out by integrating Google Map navigation (native iPhone app) in their app and save us a few clicks. But it's not a complaint, just a suggestion. I must say I like BestParking a lot, nevertheless, and highly recommend it, even if you don't own an AppRadio.

More details about BestParking are available here (from a previous post).

This is the first page when you launch BestParking

A list of supported cities/airports to choose from

Click on a suitable mapped pin to reveal garage name

The parking garage details page

Literally hundreds of parking options to chose from


  1. When I heard that a new application was launced for AppRadio, I immediately grabbed the chance to try and use it. The BestParking application was very helpful when I traveled to San Francisco and Los Angeles from Oakland. As you can see, those were big cities. It is only useful in big cities though. There is no updated map for my place in Oakland.

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  2. Wow, this app looks great! I haven't installed it yet on my iPhone and I'm so much interested in it for traveling purposes.

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  3. A ford dealer in Bolton recommended this app to me a few weeks back. I think it's a very useful app especially for me since I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to looking for a parking space. A little more improvement with an updated map will definitely make this app a "must have" for all drivers.

  4. Responsive interface is what I want for a parking app. That is the first thing that I check when I buy gadgets.


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