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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Save Space In Your Trunk With The Pioneer ib-Flat Shallow Subwoofers

Pioneer Electronics have announced their fourth generation of shallow subwoofers. These ib-Flat range of subs are now available for purchase. Here is the complete breakdown from the press release.

ib-Flat Shallow Subwoofers

Designed especially for consumers who want to add more of the critical bass frequencies in the bottom three octaves (20Hz - 160Hz) but do not have the room or desire to install a traditional subwoofer enclosure in their vehicles, Pioneer's next generation ib-Flat shallow subwoofers have a mounting depth of less than 3.25-inches and require only a small enclosure to reach their optimum performance.

The line of subwoofers feature:

- Convex Oversized Mica Reinforced IMPP Cone: The in-flat woofers use a highly rigid, convex shaped cone structure made with mica reinforced injection-molded polypropylene (IMPP) resin to create an extremely stiff and durable cone while reducing the moving mass.

- Dual Spider Suspension: The fourth generation ib-Flat models use a dual spider suspension design to control the linearity of the voice coil structure. Dual spiders provide symmetrical and better controlled movement of the voice coil/cone, significantly increasing sound quality, power handling, and reliability.

- 4-Layer Voice Coil: A 4-layer, heat resistant polyester resin voice coil helps dissipate heat quickly resulting in higher power handling.

- Original Equipment (OEM) Applications: The 8-inch sized TS-SW2002D2 is outfitted with an outer basket stamped with a variety of mounting holes designed for drop-in replacement of the original equipment subwoofer in select domestic and foreign vehicles.

Pricing: These are three different sizes available...

12-inch TS-W3002S4 priced at $180
10-inch TS-SW2502S4 priced at $160
8-inch TS-SW2002D2 priced at $140

Enclosure: Pioneer also offers the following enclosures...

12-inch UD-SW300D priced at $100 (unloaded)
10-inch UD-SW250D priced at $80 (unloaded)
8-inch UD-SW200D priced at $60 (unloaded)

10-inch TS-SW250T priced at $80 (unloaded)

10-inch TS-SWX2502 priced at $200 (preloaded with a TS-SW2502S4 ib-Flat)

Source: Pioneer Electronics USA

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  1. I've had an 8" Pioneer flat sub/enclosure before and it was OK. Maybe these new ones are better, but for just a little bit more money, the JL microsub line is probably the way to go. The 8" CP108LG-W3v3 ported enclosure is roughly 18x11x5 inches and it sounds enormous.


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