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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Honda's LaneWatch Feature Puts A Camera On Your Side-View Mirror [Video]

Honda has been offering its LaneWatch feature since last year. The technology is designed to give drivers better visibility on the passenger-side, both besides and behind the car. This is supposed to help drivers visualize their blind-spot better before changing lanes or parallel parking.

LaneWatch puts a tiny camera next to the car's passenger-side mirror. The camera is activated when the right turn signal is turned on. You can also choose to have the camera activated at all times by pressing a button on the turn signal lever.

This is the description from Honda regarding LaneWatch. There's also a video below the break...

Improve your passenger-side visibility with the ingenious Honda LaneWatch system. Standard on every Accord Hybrid, the tiny camera on the passenger-side mirror automatically activates when you signal to make a right, and it can be manually activated at any time. With live video displays on the i-MID screen, Honda LaneWatch covers nearly four times more area than the view from the passenger-side mirror alone.

So, the images from the camera are displayed on the vehicle's "intelligent Multi-Information Display" or i-MID. Safety warnings from Honda say that the system should only be used as a guide and not solely. It instructs drivers to still follow standard procedure before changing lanes like looking over your shoulder and in the side mirror itself.

The camera is embedded only on the passenger-side mirror. For the driver-side, drivers will have to do the work themselves and glance to the left to manually visualize the scene on that side.

LaneWatch comes standard with all Accord Hybrid vehicles including the new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in model.

Check out this video from Honda describing LaneWatch...

Source: Honda

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