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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Like Pioneer, Alpine Electronics Will Also Bring CarPlay To The After-Market

Earlier today, Pioneer Electronics announced that it will bring Apple CarPlay to its NEX line of car head units. So if you are wondering whether other after-market manufacturers are going to follow suit, the answer is Yes.

According to a report, Alpine Electronics will start selling a stand-alone console supporting CarPlay sometime this Fall in the United States and parts of Europe. Here are more details from the Japanese site Nikkei Asian Review...

The device will connect to an iPhone 5 or later with a wire. Looks like the device will do CarPlay exclusively although other features may be available too. The report claims this will make Alpine Electronics the first after-market manufacturer to integrate CarPlay. But we can confirm Pioneer will beat them to it with their integration becoming available early this summer.

Alpine's device will cost somewhere around $500 to $700 in the US and Europe. The device will be available in Japan sometime in 2015.

Read this excerpt from the Nikkei Asian Review:

Alpine Electronics will start selling this fall a stand-alone console supporting Apple's newly announced CarPlay system, which allows drivers to view maps, listen to music and conveniently access other iPhone functions.
While a slew of carmakers will soon start offering vehicles that come standard with a CarPlay interface built in, the Japanese company's device is to be the first aftermarket product compatible with the system. It will first be available in the U.S. and Europe and likely cost around $500 to $700. 
The device will connect to an iPhone 5 or later by wire. Drivers will be able to view maps on its screen, likely 7 inches, and use voice commands to access messages, make calls and play music. The system will be able to read messages and directions aloud.


  1. I want to see what Alpine has to offer and see if their option does not depend on lots of wires connected to the iPhone in order to work like the Appradio line and the 2014 headunits that offer carplay.

  2. Why all the fuss over CarPlay? From what I have read, the functionality which it will offer already exists on multiple aftermarket brands already.


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