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Friday, April 18, 2014

EC Touch For AppRadio Is Testing Native Turn-By-Turn Navigation

EC Touch for AppRadio is like your favorite marketplace where you get everything you need under one roof. It does have a few limitations though. One of them is navigation. To get turn-by-turn directions you need to use an app like Waze which can be launched from EC Touch but can't be run within the app.

Well, that may change in the near future with EC Touch developers, Motus Lab, making an announcement yesterday.

According to Motus Lab, they are testing turn-by-turn navigation for EC Touch at the moment. The developers announced this via their Twitter & Facebook accounts. Here is the tweet (the picture above was also included in the tweet and is also on Facebook)...

The latest version of EC Touch for AppRadio (sans the turn-by-turn navigation of course, but with a lot of awesome features) can be downloaded from the App Store today.

Follow @MotusLab or stay tuned here to find out when this feature may be available.

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