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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Land Rover Shows 'Transparent Bonnet' Technology Concept - Disappearing Car Hood [Video]

Land Rover will give the world a sneak peek of their 'Transparent Bonnet' technology at this year's New York International Auto Show which kicks off on April 18. This disappearing car hood technology is only in experimental stages at the moment.

For those living west of the Atlantic, 'bonnet' in British English refers to a car's hood. Watch the video from Land Rover below the page break to get a better idea of what this is all about.

How it works: Land Rover uses cameras placed under the hood and projects those images onto the car's windshield with a head-up display. This creates a virtual overlay, revealing the terrain immediately ahead, and the direction of the front wheels.

So the hood doesn't really disappear but gives the driver a view of the road through it thereby increasing visibility, especially on those up-and-down streets. Land Rover refers to this as a part of its "invisible car technology."

The New York International Auto Show will run from April 18-27 in New York City this year. Here is the video from Land Rover...

Source: Land Rover (YouTube)

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