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Monday, July 15, 2013

Forget Getting A Connected Car, How About A Connected Scooter?

Japanese startup company, Terra Motors, makes electric vehicles for Asian markets. One such vehicle called the A4000i is an electric scooter that is being called the first bike of its kind. It runs purely on electric power and features an iPhone dock (Sorry Android users!).

Compatible with the iPhone 5 (that means a lightning dock), the A4000i is designed to work on battery power. It has a range of 65 Km (about 40 Miles) and a max speed of 65 km/h (40 mph). The iPhone dock will house the iPhone inside what looks to be a protective casing. There will be an independent app which will have to be used with the scooter.

Driving information will be transmitted through the iPhone and it will be possible to monitor driving data "via the web". Application data will be updated daily. Sounds like being much like a pedometer app but for your vehicle.

You can read full details about the A4000i on Terra Motors' website. There is a daily cost calculator there. Looks like it will cost about $20 a year to drive about 10 miles a day. Not bad at all. Availability will be in Asian markets like Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and India. Maybe someday in the United States too.

News source: CNET
Images' source: Terra Motors

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