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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Most People Don't Use A Phone Mount While Driving [Poll Results]

Kenu Airframe vent mount
Last week our poll question was aimed to find out the most common type of phone mount used while driving. The results are surprising especially since using a cell phone while driving is illegal in most states. Having the phone mounted while driving is a safe practice helping you keep your hands off the phone while having it in clear sight. Here are the poll results…

Sample size was really small (31) but the general trend of results suggests people prefer not to use a mount in their car. Windshield mounts are illegal in certain states or allowed only on certain areas of the windshield. Air Vent mounts have the disadvantage of blocking air flow from the vent used. As you can see, more than a third of the people preferred not to use a mount at all.

Next poll will be up shortly.

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