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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AppRadio 2 "TEST" Error Surfaces, Renders Device Unusable

This was posted in our forums last week. What the user calls a "mysterious issue" has affected his AppRadio 2 rendering it unusable. I thought this issue should be posted here to see if anyone else has experienced this. I haven't heard of this issue myself so it is indeed mysterious to me. Here are full details from AppRadioWorld Forums.

Here is the post from Rob K (minor edits made)

Hi all. Got a bit of a weird issue with my AppRadio2. Using this with a 4S, and everything has been fine until now! 

Unit powers on this morning, and I hear lots of beeping. It had whacked itself up to full volume, almost as if the physical volume keys were stuck. 

Sadly, they're not. Although I can't confirm if they're responsive, all physical buttons on the unit are now not working. The touchscreen still works, but unless I want to touch Radio and blow my speakers then that's pretty pointless. 

I've also noticed a "TEST" in the top right hand corner. This was not here before these issues began, and should be viewable in this picture (above).

I've tried the following: - Different phones - Power cycling the device - Removing and reseating all fuses - Software factory reset - Upgrading to 8.17 firmware (don't want to lose my iPhone 4S functionality by going to 8.30!) 

Still, the issue persists, and is making the device unusable. Pioneer support have shrugged their shoulders and fobbed me off with "out of warranty". The only thing I can think of is the recent hot spell we've had in the UK has fried something inside the unit! 

Anyone's ideas would be much appreciated! 

Many thanks, 


If anyone out there has a solution to this problem or has experienced this issue please leave a comment below. The device seems to have been bricked by itself. A possible solution won't only help Rob but all other users who may get this error with their device in the future.


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  2. Try killing the power to the unit all together disconnect the battery see if that does anything

  3. you can update to 8.30, you wont lose functionality, i haven't but i don't need to, you just change some setting on the head unit for it to recognise the 4s like before, i read it somewhere, and by the looks of it you dont have a choice bro!


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