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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Video Shows AppRadio 3 Working With iPhone 5 And AppEx [Jailbreak]

There has been some doubt over the jailbreak tweak, AppRadio Extensions (AppEx) working with AppRadio 3 connected to an iPhone 5. This YouTube video shows the latest version of AppEx working without any issues.

AppEx has gone open source since last week and is available for developers to work on with the help of developer Mike DeCaro. The additional functionality that the jailbreak tweak adds to the AppRadio experience is nicely showcased in the video below.
The AppRadio model used is the non-DVD model (SPH-DA110) noted from the absent 'Eject' button on the button bar and AppRadio 3 interface. A jailbroken iPhone 5 is used.

Video source: Justin Linnell's YouTube Channel


  1. We need details on this. I'd like to set this up. I have a appradio 3. iPhone 5 hook up. Sucks without the mods. Please keep us posted if you here anything in how this is done.

  2. Read the comments on YouTube, it's my video (Didnt realize it was posted here)

  3. I had to move the video to here...


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