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Sunday, July 21, 2013

AppRadio Extensions Is Going Open Source; Developers Wanted [Jailbreak]

AppRadio Extensions (AppEx) has been a welcome addition to the AppRadio experience ever since it was developed and put out to download for jailbroken devices by developer Mike DeCaro. Well, in a message at Avic411 Forums, Mike has announced that he is making the tweak open source which means developers can get the source code and continue developing AppEx further.

With iOS getting updated frequently there is a constant need to change the code to make AppEx work with new editions. AppRadios get phased out each year too which adds an added challenge. The awesome work by Mike has made the last version of AppEx compatible with jailbroken iPhone 5's running iOS 6.1.2 and the AppRadio 2. In fact, the last version gave full touch control of the iPhone from the AppRadio.

From Avic411
Mike has decided to make AppEx open source. Developers who are interested should head on over to Avic411 and send Mike a message. He has said he will provide initial help in compiling the code if you aren't familiar with jailbroken coding. You can also message him on Twitter.

Thanks, Mike, from all of us here at AppRadioWorld for making such an awesome tweak. Hopefully developers out there will carry his work forward in making the AppRadio experience less of a headache.

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