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Friday, June 14, 2013

Think Voice-To-Text Is Less Distracting While Driving? Think Again!

Apple's Siri Eyes Free is a new feature which is going to be at the center of your driving experience in a few months. It uses voice to perform most supported functions on an iOS device. The feature is included in the upcoming AppRadio 3 from Pioneer. Press a button to activate Siri and speak your command and the voice assistant does the rest. Commands include "Read me my text message", "Reply to that message saying…" or "Play songs by Aerosmith". As the name suggests, Siri Eyes Free is designed to avoid having to look or touch your phone while driving. Google Voice does the same thing on an Android device. Sounds safer than talking on the cell phone, right? Well, think again.

A scientific study done by AAA has found that using voice-to-text to send text messages, emails or for updating your Facebook or Twitter status is more distracting than talking on your cell phone. The study used brain wave measurements and a driver's reaction time to measure levels of distraction.

The results were interesting. The study found that talking to another passenger in the car or using a cell phone were equally distracting whereas using text-to-voice service (smartphone or GPS system) had higher distraction levels. On a five-point scale, talking scored 2.3 to 2.5, while voice-to-text scored 3.1 with a higher score meaning higher level of distraction. The study, however, did not evaluate manual texting.

The biggest issue with voice-to-text services was having to proof read the text input which led to distracted driving. Makes sense. Most voice services have not been perfected yet which means what you say may not always result in what's input on the device.

You can read a full report about the AAA study on CNN Money.

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