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Monday, June 24, 2013

AppRadio 3 Back Ordered At Most Authorized Dealers

Within a couple of days of being available for purchase, stock of Pioneer AppRadio 3 head units (SPH-DA210 - CD/DVD drive model) have dwindled. The car stereo is back ordered at most big box retailers like Best Buy and online dealers like Abt and Crutchfield. In fact, back order delays at Abt go up to 7 to 10 days.

Back ordered AppRadio 3 units could mean one of two things. Either they are selling like hot cakes or there was limited stock to start with. Curiosity in AppRadio-like head units has grown in the last few months so it may well be that people are looking to equip their cars with Pioneer's latest head unit.

From Abt Electronics

From Crutchfield

Amazon, however has a few units (12 to be exact) still on sale but from a third party reseller, "DiscountsJungle". The retail price there is $476.99 (plus shipping).

From Amazon

You can still buy AppRadio 3 directly from Pioneer and they'll ship it out to you for a $5 additional shipping charge. You do have to pay sales tax where applicable though. For example, here's how much it will cost to get it shipped to California…

From Pioneer shipping to California

As with most tech products my advice to potential buyers is to wait out the initial few days after a product becomes available. If any issues are detected with the product in the first few days it will save you the trouble of having to deal with getting it fixed or the unit replaced. Also, prices obviously drop as time goes by so there's always hope for a killer discounted deal in the coming few weeks.

Check back for the latest on AppRadio 3 availability and prices. The non-drive model (SPH-DA110) which is going to be priced at $400 is still not available for purchase.


  1. Crutchfield now has both Appradio 3 models in stock and ready to ship! Mine just went out today1

  2. I got mine last week from they had a special promo going I got the dvd drive appradio 3 for $399 no tax.

    Mine will be installed today

  3. Appradio 3 DA210 model (normally $499) is selling on amazon for $394, at the price of the DA110 model. I just bought one, should get it in 2 days

  4. I too ordered the DA210 for $394! Out for delivery today! WOOT!


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