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Friday, June 28, 2013

Which Navigation App Do You Use Most With AppRadio? [Poll Results]

These past few days we've been running a poll on this site asking which navigation app you use most commonly with your AppRadio Mode enabled car stereo. The results are in and aren't too surprising…

As expected, Google Maps (31% users) is still the most popular app for navigation. iPhone users haven't had Google Maps as their default Maps app since last year. Apple's own Maps application comes in third at 17%. Waze, the social navigation and traffic app, which is now incidentally owned by Google is second at 27%.

Google has plans of integrating Waze's features into their native Maps application to improve the experience. Popularity of both apps is high at the moment even though our poll consisted of only 68 votes. Once the social features of Waze are integrated with Google Maps it knock out all other competition.

I'm sure a lot of iOS users have missed Google Maps on their devices even though there is a standalone app you can download from the App Store. I, for one, want Google Maps to be the default Maps app on my iPhone. I miss "Street View"!

The next poll question is up in the left column.


  1. How do you use Apple Maps with Appradio there is no touch screen function also same with Google maps.

    I am new to app radio can anyone feel me in please

  2. You can still have the app displayed on the AppRadios larger screen.

  3. yes same question.... you can display the apple maps... but you cant use the navigation part... or what ?

  4. and why there´s no sygic mentioned anywhere??? for me it´s one of the best navigation apps at the market. do you know it? and even use it..if not, I highly recommend it to you all! good luck!


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