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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Official, Waze Now Belongs To Google, Not Facebook

Google has snapped up the social navigation and traffic app, Waze, for the rumored price of $1 billion. Although reported earlier that social networking giant, Facebook, was looking to buy Waze, looks like Google managed to beat them to it.

Google is looking to improve its Maps service by integrating some of the unique features Waze brings to the table. With social networking users are able to report traffic data to help other Wazers zip around busy streets or traffic delays. These real-time updates will definitely improve Google Maps. Here's a video from Waze's YouTube channel.

Although it is not known how exactly Google will implement Waze in its Maps service it probably won't shut down the service completely. So, Wazers will still be able to use the independent app as before. Things can change in the future though. But the bottom line is that Google Maps is on a path to improvement for sure. Your move, Apple!

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