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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Will iTunes Radio Have An Independent AppRadio Interface?

Apple announced their very own music streaming service, iTunes Radio, at WWDC 2013 earlier this week. The service takes direct aim at other similar services like Pandora, Spotify etc. in what is a field filled with many competitors. iTunes Radio will be a free service with ads or if you're an iTunes Match subscriber the service will be ad free. Pioneer is probably working on changes to AppRadio firmware to make it work with iOS 7 but will it have an independent AppRadio interface for iTunes Radio? Here are some thoughts.

Well, unfortunately, Apple announced that iTunes Radio won't be a separate app in iOS 7. It will exist within the Music app as a separate tab. So that means creating an independent AppRadio interface may not be possible. But, switching between iPod and iTunes Radio modes on the AppRadio should ideally require one tap in my opinion. Although, it would be nice to have iTunes Radio as an independent app like Pandora.

iTunes Radio is a nice addition in iOS 7 and is most probably going to be a popular service when launched. I think it will be interesting to see how and if at all the AppRadio firmware will change to adapt to Apple's new operating system. Initial reviews have suggested that iOS 7 beta which is available to developers right now works fine with AppRadio 2 on an iPhone 5. There have been some issues with the first generation AppRadio though.

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