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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AppRadio 3 Purchase Doesn't Include Any Android Or iOS Connection Cables

Most AppRadio 3 cables are "sold separately" 

If you've purchased an AppRadio 3 or simply gone through the online manual for the device on Pioneer's website you'll realize that the head unit doesn't include any iPhone or Android connection cable. All connectivity kits have to be purchased separately.

AppRadio 2 included the iPhone cable (30-pin) but the Android connection kit was an additional purchase. Subsequently when iPhone 5 compatibility was added, purchase of the iPhone 5 connection kit was required. This kit can be skipped however, because as long as you have the original 30-pin connectivity cable and any HDMI cable you can get the iPhone 5 or any other lightning device connected to AppRadio 2. Additional purchase of Apple's Lightning AV Adapter is required too ($49).

What's in the box with AppRadio 3

With the two AppRadio 3 models being priced between $400 and $500 purchasing additional connectivity kits only adds to the price of the devices. For Android you'll need the corresponding kit and if your phone is MirrorLink compatible there is a kit for that too. For the iPhone 5 you will need to buy Apple's AV adapter in addition to the iPhone 5 kit. If you are upgrading from an AppRadio or AppRadio 2 you may be able to use the same cable kit.

AppRadio's main selling point is its smartphone connectivity. So not including the necessary cables could potentially be a huge disappointment for customers. And, Pioneer's prices on some of these kits are quite high. The iPhone 5 kit (CD-IH202), for example, costs $60 and only includes a USB cable and an HDMI cable.


  1. This is disgusting on Pioneers end. Any attempt I have made contacting them through twitter or their Facebook page about this, or an update for AR2 users so we can have Siri Eyes Free, have gone unanswered. There was even a case where I left a comment on a post, then another person did, and pioneer answered them by name in the Next comment! Talk about skirting the issue!

    1. It's a good price-point. Were they to include all of those cables and adapters the price would be quite a bit higher. Then you'd have people arguing about the price and stating that they don't want to pay for all of the cables included that they won't be using.

  2. It sucks, but it make sense. Since the AppRadio 3 works with so many different phones, which cable should be included? iPhone5 with Lightning, iPhone 4/4S with 30-pin, Android with MHL, Android with HDMI, MirrorLink- there's no one cable that would work with all of them.


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