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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To Fix Screen Resizing Issue On Your AppRadio [How-To]

With iOS 7 many users have reported an issue with their AppRadio displays. When using apps in AppRadio Mode the display sometimes resizes to a smaller size, causing dead space on all sides next to the bezel. It looks like the displayed image is meant to fit the smaller 6-inch screen of the first generation AppRadio.

This issue is being reported mostly by AppRadio 3 users. A few AppRadio 2 users have also experienced this. It occurs more commonly when using an iPhone 5/5S/5C running iOS 7 but can also happen when using other iDevices with your AppRadio.

Here's a temporary fix I stumbled across.

If your AppRadio compatible app resizes to a smaller size at any point, just press the home button on the AppRadio. This will launch the AppRadio app, which needs to be installed on your iPhone. From there, just relaunch the app you were previously using. Make sure you relaunch the app by clicking the respective app icon on the AppRadio and not the iPhone. This should launch the app in fullscreen mode again. Which brings me to what causes this issue.

This issue most often comes up when switching apps on the iPhone. The new app that's launched usually gets displayed in a reduced resolution. This issue is exclusive to iOS 7. Relaunching the app from AppRadio Mode fixes the issue but there are a few caveats.

The app EC Touch, for example, has issues on relaunching. If you have music already playing it will stop and you will have to start playing it again from the EC Touch interface on the AppRadio. Also, this fix requires a few clicks and swipes which doesn't make it always feasible. Very rarely the screen resizes even after relaunching any app.

Keep in mind that using apps that aren't AppRadio compatible or which don't have a dedicated AppRadio Mode interface will always be displayed in a smaller resolution leaving similar blank space around the display (pictured above).

Maybe this issue will get fixed permanently but at this point we can't be sure of anything. This seems like an issue Pioneer or individual app developers need to fix but it might well be an iOS 7 issue.

Try it out when you need to and let us know if it works.


  1. its work when you press the home button but after a few minutes its resizing to a smaller screen all over again

  2. i have found that if you double click the home button on the iPhone and bring up the multitasking menu .. close all non essential apps it seems to keep the issue from happening or reoccuring again

  3. Not even worth it to launch and relaunch to resize... Just wish Pioneer would fix the issue, they seem to be stepping on their johnson on this one.


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