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Thursday, October 24, 2013

App Update Roundup: Pandora Radio, MIXTRAX, StreamS HiFi Radio, MotionX GPS Drive [10/24/13]

AppRadio compatible apps keep getting updated to add iOS 7 support. These past few days the following apps have been updated... Pandora Radio, MIXTRAX, StreamS HiFi Radio and MotionX GPS Drive. Details about each update and links to download from the App Store are included below. Updates are for iOS versions only.

App Update Description (From the App Store)

1. Pandora Radio (Version 5.0.1)

- Minor bug fixes

Link to download: Pandora Radio from the App Store

2. MIXTRAX (Version 2.2.2)

- Bug fixes

Link to download: MIXTRAX from the App Store

3. StreamS HiFi Radio (Version 5.4.4)

- Ability to use next and previous control buttons when there are at least two streams saved in favorites

Link to download: StreamS HiFi Radio from the App Store

4. MotionX GPS Drive (Version 16.2)

- New AirDrop for iOS 7 to share your destination with friends
- New improved address search and geocoding
- Further optimizations for iOS 7

Link to download: MotionX GPS Drive from the App Store


  1. MotionX GPS still doesn't work with the iPhone 5S and Pioneer's GPS head unit. Don't know about AppRadio. It launches a map but then seems to freeze the image on the head unit.

  2. Anything for android devices in the pipeline?? It all seems to be for the iphone.


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