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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Video Shows Samsung Wi-Fi AllShare Cast Working With AppRadio 3 [Video]

Samsung's Wi-Fi AllShare HUB is a compact display receiver which mirrors your smartphone's screen on any external display. One YouTube user, "jimmiedogg12", has uploaded a video showing how the device works with Pioneer AppRadio 3.

The advantage of using a device like this is the wireless connection. There's no need to use an MHL or any other connector. The HUB connects to the AppRadio 3 through an HDMI cable.

How it connects: The AllShare Cast Dongle connects to any AC power source (travel charger included) and to the external display using any HDMI cable. You will need the AllShare Cast app (Android only) on your mobile device to connect.

Watch the video below, which shows how the setup works. I had posted another user video back in August. You can check out that post here.

Although the connection seems 'laggy' at first it seems to work pretty well later. I like how you can stream a video to the AppRadio while using other services on the smartphone. The user is using what looks like a Samsung Galaxy device.

Pricing and where to buy: Although the device retails at $100 at most big box retailers, Amazon has the best deal we've found so far for a brand new item. Used dongles can be found on eBay for slightly lower prices. I have included an Amazon link below. The lowest price as of today is $66 (subject to change). 

Image source: Samsung

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