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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Latest First Gen AppRadio Update Requires Previous Firmware Version Installed

First generation AppRadios (SPH-DA01 & SPH-DA02) got firmware updates a few days ago. One of the prerequisites for the update was having the previous firmware version installed. In other words, if you skipped the previous update you will have to first update to the previous version and then to the latest update.

Download links are below.

Pioneer has made things easier by providing links to the previous firmware versions along with the current update. Also, the update for SPH-DA01 is different from SPH-DA02. So be sure to check the model number of your AppRadio before updating.

This should make things a little easier to understand...

Links to download:

Note: Links take you to Pioneer's website. Just follow the links on their page. Links are for US & Canada models only.

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