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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Directions On Apple Maps Look Gorgeous At Night [Opinion]

I have already posted about how the new iOS 7 Apple Maps interface should get full AppRadio compatibility. Whether that happens or not depends on Apple (and partly Pioneer).

The new interface is very good looking when used during daytime hours but once the sun goes down it transforms into a darker theme. The darker interface produces less glare while driving at night. It is purely a greyed out version of the daytime interface but for some reason it looks better on the AppRadio.

Apple Maps during daytime hours
So next time you need directions when driving during the post-sundown hours, give Apple Maps a try. Even though it isn't fully AppRadio compatible, as in, you can't use touch controls, you might still like it.


  1. Pipe dream.... Apple will NEVER allow it

  2. Appradio has a built in app called Maps...what is it? I don't get a search bar at the top like I've seen on videos so it seems kind of useless.

  3. Diane Bos, it is useless, if you invoke the icon it'll open apple maps or google maps depending on the device, but thats it! it'll tell you where you are on the map but will not give you directions... Its stupid that Pioneer even advertises that appradio uses these maps as its misleading.

  4. Thanks for your answer! That's weird because I've seen others on videos open the Maps icon and there's a search bar on the top of the screen. There's also touch screen support.


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