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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Please Note: All Comments Will Henceforth Be Moderated

Here at AppRadioWorld we are committed to the best viewer/reader experience. This website constantly gets updated to meet that need and add new features. Our posts receive plenty of user comments on a daily basis. Sometimes there are a lot of spam comments posted with links to other websites.

To stop this from happening and to keep the reader's experience pleasant we will now be moderating all comments. When you post a comment on any one of the posts, there will be a period of up to 24 hours during which the comment will be screened for spam. On approval, the comment will be visible on the website. 

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of AppRadioWorld. In case of any queries please contact us by clicking the link on the menu bar above. 

1 comment :

  1. Yeah we have the problem over at AVIC411 and I am the one that deletes most of it. Didn't know it was an issue here though.


All comments will be screened for spam. Allow up to 24 hours for comments to show up.