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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Phone Mounting Solution: Try Airframe By Kenu [Pictures]

I always have my eyes open for a good phone mount for my car. Currently I have a DIY mount which works just fine for me. Making the mount required a few tools, raw materials and time. It isn't easy to make but if you have the right tools anything is possible to create. But this post isn't about my DIY mount. It's about a phone mount I came across a few days ago. It's small, it's universal, it's portable and it's called Airframe. Let me tell you more about it.

Airframe is made by Kenu, a small start-up out of San Francisco, California. The company makes a few attractive looking accessories for the iPhone. Yes, Airframe is a vent mount but it's unlike the conventional vent mounts which fall off every time your car hits a bump on the road. The patent pending design of Airframe features secure grips for holding on to the air vents of your car.

The mount stays snug in place and is designed to work for both slim and thick sized vents. The phone sits securely too and can be rotated while mounted thanks to the mount's swivel action. And the mount is universal, which means it will hold pretty much any smartphone.

The relatively less bulky design makes the mount portable and it can double up as a travel stand (as seen in the illustration below).

Price: At $24.95 some buyers may find this pricey but for the build quality it maybe a fair price. And Airframe ships free within the US. Check out the pictures below.

In-Car pictures coming soon.

You can purchase Airframe by Kenu by visiting the manufacturer's website.

More Pictures (click to enlarge):

1 comment :

  1. Are there any UK stockists of the kenu airframe? Buying from the US at $20 shipping is essentially $45 (plus any customs charges) so mega expensive for UK buyers :(

    I've checked the main sites like eBay, amazon, mobilefun but can't find it anywhere.


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