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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Airframe - Portable Car Mount by Kenu [Picture Review]

Good things come in small packages! The mount you see in the picture above might be another one of those things. Last week I wrote a short post about Airframe, a portable car mount. The guys over at Kenu, the brains behind Airframe, were gracious enough to send out a piece for review. I will let the pictures do most of the describing in this review but here are some additional thoughts about the product.

Packaging: The initial product I reviewed belonged to a friend of mine and came in a smaller box as pictured in that previous post. My review piece came in a much larger, store-ready packaging. The features of Airframe are well illustrated on the packaging (click pictures to enlarge).

Portability: The small size makes it portable which I like a lot. For those of you who travel a lot and rent a car this mount is all you need. All smartphones have GPS functions and having your phone mounted while driving around a new city would save you from renting a GPS.

Build Quality: Airframe is really well built. It sits snug on almost any type of vent, thin or thick, vertical or horizontal. The clips have two sizes, thin and thick, to accommodate most sized vents. The rotatory action of the mount makes it easy to switch between portrait and landscape orientations. The mount clicks when you rotate it which means it won't change rotation while driving unless you actively do so.

Universal and Secure: The adjustable spring-loaded grips make the hold secure and soft against any phone. There's no chance of any cosmetic damage to your phone while it's in there because the grips are rubberized. The top and bottom edges of your phone remain free for attaching cables. When mounted on the horizontal vents on the center dash of my car, my iPhone sat securely in the mount. I drove around the block and there was no rattling.

Travel Stand: You can use Airframe as a travel stand when you aren't in your car. Just stick any plastic card (like a credit card) in the clips and voila! This is one of the additional promotional features of Airframe.

Disadvantages: This is a vent mount so on a hot summer's day you'll have to sacrifice most of the airflow from one of your vents. Also, mounting your phone on and off the mount sometimes requires both hands. This is primarily because the vent moves when trying to do so. The mount itself stays put in its place. Another minor issue I had was when having the mount on the central vents. With the cable connected to the phone the wire ran straight down the middle of my AppRadio 2. This can be avoided by mounting the phone on either the right or left corner of the central vent. And finally, there is no way of having the phone face you at an angle while driving. The mount holds the phone facing forwards and upwards due to the positioning of the air vents. With the current DIY mount I have (as pictured in the top left sidebar) my phone looks directly at me.

Price: Airframe costs $24.95 and ships free within the U.S.

Verdict: Barring the few disadvantages listed above, and most of them are minor disadvantages, I really like Airframe. I have no doubts in recommending this product. Most vent mounts that I've used in the past have all had one major drawback... instability! Airframe is by far the most stable sitting mount I've seen. So don't let the price throw you off because you'll get your money's worth for the features it offers.

How to buy: Head on over to Kenu's website by clicking here and purchase Airframe. Also check out the other products they offer. Additional information about Airframe can also be found there.

Airframe + AppRadio 2: Here's Airframe with AppRadio 2...

Thanks to the Kenu team for sending out this product for review. ARWReview


  1. what brand is the mount you're currently using?

  2. My setup (using this mount). airframe is the best mount I've used to date.

  3. I wanted to mention...if you have an otterbox defender this mount does work just fine with it, however the arms will not reach the front of the case to wrap around. It sees to still hold it just fine with the spring loaded tension so I would imagine it would be fine for any other larger cases of the like.

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  6. Whera are the pictures for the DIY modification of Kenu Airframe? Can't see them.

  7. I use the Breffo Spiderpodium, a lot better in my opinion. It was bought intentionally as a car phone mount but since then I have found many other uses for it such as on my bike and a travel stand.


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