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Monday, May 27, 2013

AppRadio 3 Won't Include Cable Kits; Extra Purchase Necessary

Different cable kits will be required to connect different phones to the AppRadio 3. There's one each for the iPhone 5, Android phones and iPhone 4/4S/iPod. Additionally, the new MirrorLink interface will require a separate kit. If you're thinking your specific kit will be included with your AppRadio 3 purchase, you're out of luck.

I was going through the specifications of the AppRadio 3 on its webpage before I noticed this information. Pioneer did the same thing with the AppRadio 2. Only the cable for the iPhone 4/4S was included at that time. Android users had to shell out an extra few bucks on the Android Connectivity Kit. This graphic from Pioneer shows what I'm talking about…

Now, it must be noted that with the AppRadio 2 there is no need to purchase the CD-IH202 cable kit if you own an iPhone 5. The kit is essentially just an HDMI cable and an extra USB connector cable, similar to the older 30-pin cable which came with the AppRadio 2. You can go out an but a cheap HDMI cable and Apple's Lightning Digital AV adapter ($49) to connect your iPhone 5 to the AppRadio 2. I'm guessing you'll be able to do the same with the AppRadio 3. We'll wait and see.

If you own a MirrorLink supported phone you'll need the new CD-MU200 cable kit to connect to the AppRadio 3. Details about this kit are coming up shortly.

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